Find your Vows ideas

Welcome to the perfect place to discover some joyful and helpful inspiration that may help you write your own marriage vows.
Feel free to use any of these words or ideas if they feel right for you, or rewrite them to reflect your true thoughts and feelings.

Important to know:

In Australia, on the day of your wedding ceremony, if you are being married by a Registered Marriage Celebrant the vows will usually start with a mandatory statement that the celebrant will ask you to repeat words such as the following:

I call upon all those here present to witness that I, (Name), take you (Name) to be my lawful wedded (you choose…) ‘partner/spouse/husband/wife’.

You may then choose to say personal vows to each other – but it isn’t a requirement by law. These are always your own choices, personal thoughts and words. Some couples like to mirror their choices of words, and some like to prepare completely individual vows.

Above all – it’s your day – so compose something that feels right for you, and also decide whether you share them with each other prior to the wedding ceremony or if you choose to keep them as a surprise for your partner on the day of the wedding.

There are countless options. Write absolutely anything you wish, in a style that you feel comfortable and happy with. Of course these should be personalised to reflect your personality and the circumstance, depending on whether you are having a Wedding Ceremony, Commitment Ceremony or Renewal of Vows Ceremony.

If you choose to exchange rings on the day of your ceremony – your celebrant can offer you a ‘repeat after me’ option, however you can also then personalise your words to each other so the day has the strongest meaning to you both. The options are endless and you can make your words as simple or as colourful or poetic, or romantic as you wish!

This site has just a few options to either choose from, or personalise, to make them your own. Hopefully your will find something here to inspire your personal vows and ring exchange for a happy and wonderful celebration.