Every small business owner is doing ten things at once when trying to grow their business in a very competitive business environment. Putting a website up takes a certain amount of valuable time and resources. The website should be drawing prospective customers or clients to the business. Why isn't the website helping the bottom line?

Is Hiring an SEO Expert Worthwhile?

It's not really any different than making an accountant or lawyer part of the team. They have a set of skills needed by the business to further its growth and that no one currently with the company has the time to acquire. Creating a productive business website that generates leads and money isn't that easy. If it were, Fortune 500 companies wouldn't employ SEO specialists.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It refers to those principles and techniques used to make a website visible to the search engines.

Google and the other search engines use algorithms to select the best answers to a search query. When someone types "emergency plumber in your city," the Google organizes pages of websites that could answer the search query, listing those sites that are most relevant first. Most people only look at the first page of the search engine results. The goal of seo software is to have your site be at or near the top of the listings.

Most small businesses are only interested in local customers and local website traffic. That adds another layer to the SEO Service. The Internet is constantly changing and, in order to get an edge on the competition, it's important to do what works best today.

What Does an SEO Expert Do?

Analyze the Business: Each business presents unique challenges. Before a plan can be drawn up, it's necessary to fully understand the business.

Keyword Research: For a plumbing business, "plumber" would not be a good keyword for attracting local customers. A longer keyword, such as "leaking water heater in your city" will put local listings on the first page. Keyword research will identify those keywords that will work best for your business.

Measure Website Performance: Google Analytics is widely used, but there are other tools that will be useful as well.

Build High-Quality Links: The flip side is removing any spammy links that may currently exist.

Audit the Site: Some factors are web page load speed, URLs, internal links, and content.

Redesign the Website: This includes the code, links, and the visual appearance.

Research Competitors: See what is currently working for them.

Create and Market Content: This includes anything on the page including written, video or audio content.

Continuing Analysis: As the Internet changes, the website will need to adapt.

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