When a person is introducing a product or service, the right marketing is crucial. Without good marketing, the best product can fail. The best product can't succeed if no one knows about it and its value to them.The right marketing company can provide ideas and solutions that get products and services noticed right from the beginning. A good marketing company can make sure a new product stands out from its competition. The new experiential events concept may be just what is needed to get a special product or service launched successfully.

What Is Experiential Marketing? This is a concept of marketing that provides product brand launchings and events that give potential customers an experience to remember a new brand or product by. Launch events will have touch points such as food, beverages, samples, or give away items. There will be music or other entertainment to engage the people attending the event so they will have an experience to remember the brand or product by. The events are paired with savvy social media and public relations campaigns designed for each product and its specific market. Well designed advertising and brand launch campaigns grab the public's attention right away and keep it. Companies such as Engage-Disegno have the talented marketing experts capable of designing unique brand activation campaigns and events that get results.

Product promotion needs to be well designed to get maximum impact quickly. There may not be a second chance at promoting a product, so the first effort must be successful. The marketing company hired must use every tool available for product promotion including live marketing, brand experiences, product launching events and trade shows, PR events and road shows, sampling, testing, and tasting events, social media campaigns, signage, and collecting consumer data. Some marketing companies use guerilla marketing techniques to achieve results. Guerilla marketing does not involve guerrillas but does involve finding new, unusual ways to get brand recognition.

What is needed for successful brand activation is a marketing company with the capability to provide research and strategy planning, concept and design services, production, management, scheduling, execution and build capabilities. They have to be on top of logistics and operations for every event and campaign. The marketing company should be able to design, plan, and execute a marketing campaign from start to finish. Ask for examples of marketing projects the company has handled for different clients. For more information, please go to the website.

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